The Calm Dispensary

Powerful, New Age Scents that Outclass Top of the Line Products

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Outdoor Candles

HUGE Outdoor Candles with INSANE scent throw and strength made to defend your outdoor living spaces from mosquitos and other pests. Enjoy PEACEFUL LIVING in the presence of nature's most calming blends, undisturbed by nature's worst. Make entertaining outside easy. 


Indoor Candles

Large Indoor Candles with unparalleled scent throw made FRESH for you. Fishy kitchens and pungent bathrooms stand no chance to our POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL indoor blends. 

Handpoured Diffusers

CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT protection from invading odors is essential to maintaining a healthy mind and home. Drop the HARMFUL and INVASIVE home sprays for a STRONGER, longer lasting alternative brewed with the most LUXURIOUS ingredients of mother nature. 

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Deluxe Candles

The title gives this one away. BIGGER, STRONGER, and more CAREFULLY created candles that are made under the watch of all three team members at the Calm Dispensary. Due to HIGH demand, we are cycling these jewels of the scent industry at INSANELY DISCOUNTED prices. Don't miss out!

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The Visionary

An ambitious young woman from Warkworth conjured up a plan in her family home after being sick and tired of the weakness and limited choice of scent provided by her "designer" brand candles. After 20 long years of hard work in the fashion and scent industry, her dream was realized with the founding of The Calm Dispensary.

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The Fine Touch

From the lifespan of our soaps to the length of our candle wicks, Marilyn blends precision with art. She has been designing every inch of our products since the founding of our original home business. The way she makes a burning wick sparkle in one of our finest quality jars is more than Instagram worthy.

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The Brain

With her constant room-rupturing experiments, Davi has been innovating the most beautiful, unlikely scents with only the strongest throw for 6 years prior to being picked up by The Calm Dispensary. With her ability to mix in scents that pests hate with smells that humans love, our products are sure to be as versatile as they are brilliant!

Our Team

A little extra behind the hard work that goes into creating the delicious smelling, powerful candles we sell at The Calm Dispensary

Cheers for the quick delivery of the caramel popcorn candle and apothecary diffuser. Wife in love with smells - great strength. Will be back.

Zack - West Coast

Christmas tins just arrived, each one smells incredible! Will make great gifts for my team... Highly recommend the reclaim your Zen.

Amy Lin - Auckland

Aweeeesome scent reach!!! Can smell from the other side of my hallway. Those outdoor candles, EVEN BETTER!

Amilee Stallard